Golden Retriever

We found Sam when we signed up for a local Puppy School class with our Golden Retriever puppy, Durham, in January 2014.

Sam has a natural talent for getting the best out of the dogs she works with, so after completing Puppy School we signed up for more training classes, and have been going weekly ever since!

Thanks to Sam we have a well behaved, well trained and well socialised dog who is a pleasure to live with. We also use Sam’s dog walking service and she walks Durham for us three lunchtimes a week, Durham is completely smitten with his ‘Auntie Sam’ and loves his walks with her.


Whippet and lady owner

Our whippets initially attended the Puppy Classes. From being too shy to walk through the door (they practically had to be carried in!) they grew in confidence and by the end of the course were sprinting to the door to get in as they love class so much. All commands were easily broken down so we could continue to practice and improve at home. We also learned a number of games and techniques to keep them occupied whether we are there or not. They have both now completed Level 1 Good Dog Scheme and are working their way through level 2.

We have also had a number of 1:1 lessons with Sam. Our eldest whippet (Charlie) was very timid as a puppy and could be very reactive every time someone / something passed our house. He is now a much more confident dog and is far less reactive at the window. He is also now overcoming his nervous-aggressive behaviour when meeting other dogs and will now (usually) happily play / chase other dogs. If he doesn’t Sam has taught us techniques to re-direct his attention. We are slowly improving on our walks too with him pulling less on the lead and learning to walk not just sprint everywhere.

Our youngest whippet (Pepper) has also grown in confidence and is now curious about everyone and everything and loves exploring new surroundings rather than not wanting to leave the house. She has even picked up her pace a bit! With Sam’s help we have finally succeeded in being able to walk the two whippets together.

We would highly recommend Sam and Sam’s K9 Academy. Sam is always available to contact and her encouragement and support is limitless.

Jo & Paul

Border Collie in training class

I am really happy to give Sam my testimonial, I have been attending two classes a week for over a year with my two dogs. One of my dogs has enjoyed her agility classes while the other has enjoyed a wide range of activities in her training class including tricks, scent, been introduced to tracking and basic obedience.

An individual training programme is recorded in a booklet as to what issues you most want to work on so its very personal for you and your dog, this enables the dog to progress with its weakest points. I have been working on recall and find my dog has really become so much better applying what she`s been doing in class to when she is off lead in the fields. The agility classes are so much fun , there is a friendly atmosphere and Sam watches each dog and handler and advises. Sam always spends a greet time with each dog and builds up a rapport with them, mine absolutely love her. My dogs were not easy pupils they were street dogs from Bulgaria and had never even been on a lead when they arrived by transport. I wish Sam well in all her future work at Puppy School.

Elaine Heard

Yorkshire terrier

Having lost my old boy in January 2014 we looked for a new member of our family. Only weeks later we gave Trixie her forever home. It was then that I wanted to introduce her to socialization classes as well as some training tips. I found puppy school flintshire through searching the internet. I made contact with Sam and to this day have not looked back.

Trixie attended puppy school and graduated successfully. She learnt the etiquette of being a pup whilst obeying rules. I then decided to enroll her onto Sams k9 academy classes. Again she loved them and attended pre agility and bronze award classes. Trixie has now progressed onto level 2 and the next agility class.

I only have to say Sams name in our house and Trixie knows exactly who I am talking about. Sam is so dedicated to her role and the love she gives each and every dog is to be admired.

When I pick up her training bag and say "school" it is almost like her little eyes light up. I have total respect for Sam, her knowledge is immense and what she puts into practice is amazing. We love Sam and would recommend her training to any dog owner.

Trixie loved her experience at Puppy School. She learnt the etiquette of puppy life and I learnt lots as her owner ! It was wonderful for socialising with puppies and people. She has since gone on to other classes as life was not the same without Sam being in our weekly schedule. She also learnt her 'meerkat' trick for graduation as seen in the picture. Trixie has grown into a placid little girl who without the dedication and expertise from Sam at school would not be like she is today. Thank you Sam for everything. You are a star in both mine and Trixies eyes.