Dog agility training class

Want to have fun with your dog and build a stronger relationship?

Our fun Agility classes are for dogs over 20 weeks of age and are open to any breed of dog who has had some basic training. Agility training is a brilliant way to use up energy and helps with your dogs recall by using fun and exciting activities so your dog wants to stay with you.


6 week course where we get the dogs used to the equipment such as jumps, tunnel, A-Frame and tyre. We spend the first three weeks teaching the dogs jumping, going through tunnels ect and also teaching the owners where to stand, what hands your need to use and how to cross over and change direction. During the final three weeks you will be running a course of obstacles, in the session we go through the course bit by bit and then at the end everyone has a go at running the full course.

Dog agility training class

Fun Agility

After completing our pre-agility course or an equivalent dogs can join our fun agility classes. We run a different course each week with different turns, combinations and challenges.

As with the last 3 weeks of the pre-agility course we go through each course bit by bit and at the end dogs will be run around the full course. As the dogs get more experience we start to introduce more difficult equipment such as the weave poles.

Our fun agility class is run as a rolling course so you can come for as long as you want to.