APDT Good Companion Awards

St Bernard with male owner in training class with certificate

Run in conjunction with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers our obedience classes are for dogs over the age of 20 weeks. The APDT UK, Good Companion Awards are designed to help general dog owners and have been approved by customers who are training in our classes right now. We work on a curriculum starting with basic training at Stage One Adult Beginner Exercises where we work on basic exercises such as positions, stay, loose lead walking, recall, control amongst other dogs, leave and wait and you can work your way upto Stage 4 Jubilee Exercises where we work on more difficult exercises such as off lead walking, sending the dog to targets such as their beds, emergency stops and recalls from distractions.

To move up to the next stage of training you will have an assessment with myself and will receive a certificate and rosette once you have passed each level. As this is a rolling course you can come for as long as you wish and there is opportunity to work on personal aims that you have with your particular dog.

This scheme is run as a rolling course.

If you are unable to attend and let me know prior to the class start time it will be added onto the end your block. If we are expecting you and you don't turn up it will be classed as if you have been there and you will loose the hour.